Congratulations to ‘Cricket Team’ for winning ‘Bronze medal’ in MKSSS’s intercollegiate Damini 2020 sports event held from 31st Jan - 3rd Feb.
Best Innovative Teacher Award at the hands of the honourable Governor of Maharashtra - Shri. Bhagat Singh Koshyari, conferred by Centre for Educational Development Administration (CEDA), Pune
Certificate of Best Innovative Teacher Award at the hands of the honourable Governor of Maharashtra - Shri. Bhagat Singh Koshyari, conferred by Centre for Educational Development Administration (CEDA), Pune

Welcome to HNIMR

HNIMR, is an all-women management institute, established in 1995. It is affiliated to Savitribai Phule Pune University (formerly known as University of Pune) and recognized by All India Council for Technical Education & Director of Technical Education. It was accredited by National Board of Accreditation for the period 2008-2011. Further HNIMR was accredited by National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) with A+ Grade (3.34 CGPA) for the year 2019 to 2024..



“To develop a world-class management institute exclusively for women”.

Empowerment and enrichment of women professionals through Education, Innovative training of life skills and job skills for pioneering their entry in the contemporary management streams and job domains; Encouraging self-employment and through Sensitizing awareness for women’s issue in the Society.


“To develop competent young professional women managers with the capability to contribute effectively in the challenging environment”.

Core Values

Respect & Dignity, Excellence, Integrity & Honesty, Diversity & Collaboration, Accountability & Transparency, Social Responsibility

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MBA Programs

Smt. Hiraben Nanavati Institute of Management & Research for Women (HNIMR) Adminission for Master in Business Administration

  • Marketing Management

    MBA Program

    Marketing MBA Program

  • Financial Management

    MBA Program

    Finance MBA Program

  • Human Resource Management

    MBA Program

    HR MBA Program

  • Operations & Supply Chain Management

    MBA Program

    Operation MBA Program

  • Business Analytics

    MBA Program

    IT MBA Program

Special Features of HNIMR

  • All-women management Institute.
  • Legacy of Over 100 years of imparting education to women.
  • Entrepreneurship Development Cell-to promotes entrepreneurship among students.
  • Research Cell-various surveys and research projects undertaken.
  • Consultancy cell-provides training to corporate and outside world.
  • Women’s Study centre- social activities related to women are carried out.
  • Innovative teaching methods like audio-visuals, role-plays, simulation exercises used.
  • Students encouraged to undertake different activities as part of Students Council

Student Testimonials

HNIMR is all together a new world to me. This journey so far has given me a lot of new experiences and helped me find myself. I got a platform to do new things that I never thought I could do and this has helped me boost my personality and has given me a new confidence. The staff is always there for the students guiding them in their every step and the overall environment is challenging and healthy. I thus thank college, teaching and non teaching staff and the entire family at HNIMR for helping students to enhance and build their overall personality along with the academics.

Ms. Shraddha JajuBatch (2015-2017)

I feel I would have got no place better than HNIMR to complete my MBA. The pedagogy and field work go hand in hand here. Students are exposed to a numerous things which them wont get to elsewhere.
As a hosteler we feel like being at home when in HNIMR. It is not only a Business School but our family, when away from homes.
Not only the management and teachers but all the non teaching staff, our bhaiyas and maushis are very kind and supportive. I feel myself to be lucky to be a part of HNIMR.

Ms. Sayali WankhedeBatch (2014-2016)

Since the first moment I came to HNIMRW I was met with nothing but energy and enthusiasm.  The faculty and staff at this institution are top rate.  They all want their students to do well.  This school has so many opportunities for the students to get the help they need… Professors helped me beyond words I can say.  This school keeps the student first.  You will not be let down.  I really believe it is a privilege to come to this school and I am so glad I made that decision.”  “In my years here I had the greatest time ever and made some of the best friends a person could have.  All of the teachers were AMAZING!!!!“One of my favourite things about my course is that my classmates come from many different states, which brings with it a very cultural learning environment. It’s a good opportunity for me to improve my skills and knowledge by communicating, alongside my formal learning. I have always felt that I was so lucky to be a student at HNIMRW. The thing I admire the most about HNIMRW is the support I received from everyone at the school.” Looking back, I can see HNIMRW was extremely important and stepping stone of my career.

Snehal Kulkarni(Batch 2011-13)

HNIMR – It is my second home with having excellent faculty. The faculty members are not just teachers, they are like our parents and have the capability to find the talent of the students in whatever they are best at. Seriously finding such a friendly environment with understanding nature of all-around is very difficult to find in today’s world. Here I learned that when Women become a Strong Decision Maker then no one can stop her. All all such things we learn from the Ennumber of events which take place here. I am truly blessed to have Dr. Jagdish Pol sir as our Director and Mentor. The efforts which he is taking for the college and for all of us are beyond imagination. He always wants his Students to think “Out of the Box’ and ‘to be a Great Leader’. Raally pround to be an HNIMRian……!!!

Ms. Aishwarya Kulkarni(Batch - 2015-2017)

Since the first moment I came to Smt.Hiraben Nanavati Institute of Management and Research for Women, I was met with nothing but energy and enthusiasm. The faculty and staff at this institute are top rate. They all want their students to do well. This institute has so many opportunities for the students to get the help they need… Professors helped me beyond words I can say. This college keeps the students first. No one will ever be let down here. I really believe it is a privilege to come to this college and I am so glad I made that decision.”
HNIMR educates students in a very creative way and encourages them to think out of the box. However, the college not only helps me to excel in the academic field, but also helps me excel in various other skills that I possess.
“When I started the Course of MBA, which was a completely new Course for me, I had to struggle to accomplish academically. Thanks to the College, I have now found that I am successful when undertaking assignments and organizing both myself and others. I have had huge amounts of support from the staff who will go out of their way to help you. I have also made some good friends here who will stay with me throughout the rest of my life.”

Ms. Akansha Rukari(Batch - 2015-2017)

HNIMR is a flexible organization which adopt changes required for growth and helps to you to explore yourself better. HNIMR educates students in a very creative way and encourages them to
think out of the box. I really respect to all faculties.

Ms. Shweta Doye(Batch 2015-2017)

Since the first moment I came to HNIMR, I was met with nothing but energy and enthusiasm. Director Sir, Faculty and Staff at this institution are top rate. They all want their students to do well. HNIMR has so many opportunities for the students to get the help they need. Professors helped me beyond words I can say. HNIMR keeps the students first. You will never be let down. I really believe it is a privilege to come to this institute and I am so glad I made that decision. Looking back, I can see HNIMR was extremely important and a stepping stone in my career. Thank You HNIMR And Family.

Nikita Padhye(Batch 2014-2016)

HNIMR has given me a platform to develop leadership and general management skills. HNIMR provides an intimate class-tutor environment, focus on personal development and team-based approach to assignments which are essential in business today. Placement Cell also provides essential grooming and support for our placements. The environment gave me the toolkit to progress. But ultimately, it was the opportunity to apply my existing skillset coupled with those skills learned during HNIMR’s MBA program in my own workplace that has proved most rewarding. HNIMR days are nonetheless a treasure to me. Proud of being an HNIMRian.

Shreea Banerjee(Batch 2013-2015)

HNIMR gave me the way to lead life confidently. My college made me independent and gave me friends and teachers who are the jewels of my life. Teachers have developed my personality and gave me clarity on my life’s motto and aim. HNIMR taught not only how to progress in my career but to work for society selflessly. Thank you HNIMR.
Kayam tuzya runat rahayla aawdel.

Nivedita Vivek Joshi(Batch 2010-2012)

HNIMR helped me learn and excel professionally as well as personally. A friendly environment, personal attention by faculty and facilities provided in the college have helped me a lot. Theoretical knowledge as well as practical approach along with extra-curricular activities and placement support are some of the USPs of HNIMR. Finely equipped library with varied range of books always helped me getting books whenever I wanted to study. I thank HNIMR and all professors who helped me in making a strong foundation for career growth. HNIMR is in my heart and will remain the same always. Proud Student of HNIMR

Ketaki Kanbarkar/Mistry(Batch 2000-2002)

My decision to choose HNIMR was apt, as the Samstha and the college are well known for good teachers, staff and operational transparency. Being an engineering student i was little worried about the commerce background subjects, but things were easier for me with helpful teachers, guest lectures and tools like case studies, seminars conducted by professionals. Certifications like Six Sigma, workshops like 7 Habits of Highly effective people have greatly benefitted me in professional life. The college provides great support for placements. The students from this college are known by corporate world as sincere , ambitious , knowledgeable and corporate ready.

Sheetal Joshi(Batch 2004-2006)

HNIMR was like a home away from home for me. Being a ‘woman only’ college, we got opportunities to work on areas that would typically be the stronghold of boys in a co-ed format. My college gave more than just knowledge; it honed me for my professional life. HNIMR is a flexible organization which adopts changes required for growth and helps you to explore yourself better.

Teena Gupta(Batch 2010-2012)

The delivery of the course at HNIMR helped me in understanding management subjects plus technical subjects together. HNMIR College conducting MBA courses was very impressive. They have excellent faculty and a good infrastructure like good computer lab, library with lot of subject books. I believe I took the good decision of joining the HNMIR.

Aruta Jayswal(Batch 2000-2002)

I have very great memories at HNIMR and have found it a very worthwhile experience of studying at HNIMR. The quality of teaching blended with practical case studies, assignments, industrial visit, group activities enhance tools that one to face professional world. Experienced faculty with profound knowledge, know-how & who are always available, approachable like mentors make it one of the best institute to study. One could definitely aim for prosperous future by completing their management degree as one is equipped with skills which industry demands.

Amita Jadhav(Batch 2009-2011)

HNIMR institute has always been progressive in encouraging and nurturing women’s growth and talent. It is instrumental in laying a sound base for future leaders in various industries and I have been fortunate to be a part of the MBA program at the institute. Mentoring by faculty is very useful in enabling students to identify their strengths and competencies and choose the field they are passionate about. Placement support is great and helped me in my career in HR IT for more than a decade now.

Riya Awate(Batch 1999-2001)

The HNIMR along with other specialization offers International Business Management which helped me in developing an understanding of cultural differences, the skills to manage internationally, and the knowledge to navigate the complexities of international organizations.
I was a member of student council and placement cell head for the year 2012-2013 which gave me the opportunity to learn leadership skills along with teamwork and corporate etiquettes.
HNIMR has become a very important destination of the travel I have done so far. It’s in my heart. It has given me so much. I am Thankful for all the pain and efforts this institute and the Faculties have taken for me always with no expectations. I love them a lot.

Anuja Ranade(Batch 2011-2013)

Hi, I am a 2006 pass out for MBA systems from HNIMR. This college has provided precise guidance with excellent teaching and Non-teaching staff who always support you in every possible way. Being an MBA is an attitude which needs to be cultivated.HNIMR shows correct ways to mend your attitude and approach towards professional world. The extracurricular activities that are organized along with the academics provide another set of learning tools that help us in self-development. Honestly speaking, since it is a women college, you actually make lifetime friends, not just professional colleagues. I am sure that HNIMR has shaped me into a professional, a leader with go-getter attitude.

Leena Pangarkar(Batch 2004 – 2006)

Academic excellence and superb faculty is expected from a world class Programme such as the HNIMR MBA. I would like to mention the more intangible and, in my opinion, the more enduring lifelong benefit /advantage that the HNIMR has given me. Doing MBA from HNIMR was life changing experience for me. Cultural events like Panache, academic events like Kushagra, Entrepreneurship week, International and National conferences/ symposiums and class room- field activities have given me a boost for learning. The teaching learning pedagogy is contemporary and world class. There is a fine blend of class room teaching and practical learning.

Sakshi Koul(Batch 2011 - 2013)

Talking about HNIMR… hundreds of thoughts come into my mind as, what should I say about my Institute, If I reflect on two years of my college life, I realize that I should talk about what kept me going all these years , and it’s the direction that HNIMR gave me in shaping my future by imparting knowledge and skills. HNIMR has a very special and unique culture. It teaches lessons of life with the lessons of books which make you the best manager of all times. Also being a part of the Student Council committee – which is elected each year, has brought out in me Grace and Confidence to work as a Management Leader in the corporate world. I am very thankful to HNIMR, its staff and faculty and will always cherish these memories.

Vijayata Bhatia(Batch 2012 - 2014)

Being a HNIMR student, I can say my college gave me a good platform to develop my career with excellent learning experience. The time that i spent in college made me participate in creative activities and events like presentations, case studies, E-week,.group activities like poster making, presentations and group discussion helped me to work in team and social setup. list is endless. I am satisfied by the infrastructure, ambiance, experienced & caring faculty, Well-equipped computer lab and library where so many books, journals, magazines, newspapers are available. I have been fortunate to be part of the MBA program at this institute.

Samita DoiphodeSamita Doiphode

The faculty and the dedication & passion with which the faculty members teach and mentor the students is excellent. The overall environment is homely yet professional. Also, it is very good for out-station girls, as the teaching and non-teaching staff is very supportive. The placements in college provided us with very good job openings.

Madhura Nanivadekar(Batch 2010-2012)

HNIMR has given me a platform which has made me find my own identity. It has great facilities for students, right from Library Book Bank to Placement Cell Co-ordination. The students are involved in various activities and events, through which they are molded into great individualities. This platform of HNIMR has taught me many challenging and management related skills through which it is possible to reach the desired goals.The MBA (Systems) specialization has provided us with great IT Tools facilities and E-learning sessions, field visits,and workshops. I wish to have long term association with HNIMR.

Payal Parkhe(Batch 2013-2014)

The curriculum at HNIMR is extremely beneficial for ensuring development and awareness of practical and theoretical knowledge. Periodic tests are conducted to encourage continuous learning and importance is given to cultural activities too, to keep up the spirit and liveliness of their students.

Aarti Naik(Batch: 2013-2015)

I am fortunate being student of HNIMR. I always wished good Placement Support in the campus. In recent visit, I observed positive advancement of HNIMR and especially drastic change in our Placement Support activities. It was nice to interact with Director Sir, faculty members and Placement officer to plan and execute training and internship programs for the MBA students. The focused activities of placement cell and improved number of campus placements is really appreciable.

Preeti Kadam(Batch: 2005-2007)

“Hnimr” I am proud to be a part you. I have so many memories of my college days , that I can’t express in few words. It was my second home, the faculty members are not just teachers, they are like our parents and they have capability to find the talent of the students in whatever they are best at . It is not just a college for doing master in business but also in doing masters in self development. It has a balance of academics as well as other cultural events. Hnimr delivers practical skills , knowledge that can be applied in work place along with various innovative practices.At last ,i will say “ I m proud to be a part of Hnimr,.I entered college with empty hands left with hands filled with knowledge…..and everlasting love.

Juhi Kawrani(2013-2015)

MKSSS’S Smt. HNIMR its just not a institute but a samstha of legendry& visinary person Maharshi Dhondo Kehav Karve where women empowerment is completely based on women’s education here i learned to develop the ability to listen to negative comments without losing temper or confidence it means you have become matured and truely educated. i learned women can strongly belives that when she become decision makers it will have a positive impact on contribution of women towards economic &social dvelopment..where in i got my identity and self respect n motto of my life which was all possible only because of my lovely ,caring , and active faculty n non teaching staff also contributed a lot and lastbut not the least how can i forget a man behind the show only because of his vision and motivation i was able to marked n lead to succes Director Jagdish Pol. if you want to rule women empowerment HNIMR is the only place.

Preeti Kshirsagar(Batch: 2012- 2014)

I represent the Finance batch of 2017-18. Since the time I entered, HNIMR has always been blissful, full of experiences, and many things here to learn. This place has taught me to face the world without any fear. Right from the faculty to the Director of our college, everyone has always been nice and encouraging. This is the place where the things you learn aren’t enough and that there is always so much more to learn. I find myself very fortunate to be doing my MBA from such an amazing institution which has a legacy of so many years. This place has given me a platform to showcase my talent to the world now. HNIMR has helped me to boost my confidence. I have seen a positive change in me since I have joined this college.

Additionally, the workshops and the sessions that happen in this college are really helping me in my studies and I am sure it will also be helpful for my future as well. And the journey that I have had at HNIMR would never be forgotten. Here, there is a mix of both, curriculum and studies.

Thank you, HNIMR!

Kavya PejawarBatch(2016-18)

HNINR has been a great contributor towards the development of my personality. By participating in the  inter-college events conducted by the School of Business, I have established my leadership, time management and team skills and have also been able to advance these skills to whole new augment level. It is very important for business students to understand different cultures and be accommodating of them. HNIMR teaches you what books can’t really do. They allow you to experience a whole different culture system and builds your professional and personal networks. The infrastructure the Campus of HNIMR is one of the finest in the city of Pune is what stands out the most! The professors here make the college what it is today. And this is a treasure for life!

Isha MankarBatch(2017-19)

HNIMR plays a vital role in my life. Institute organizes many events which benefited me to improve my communication, confidence and taught me, how to manage your stress. I experienced that, “Until you can manage your time, you can’t manage anything else in your life”. The time I spent at HNIMR, influenced my life not only from the career perspective but also from personal perspective. My specialization is MBA-IT and I am blessed to have mentor who always gives personal attention and support in every activity for our betterment. Along with grooming managerial skills, IT department organizes several training sessions, interaction with experts from the industry, workshops and certificate courses in IT tools which helping me a lot when I have entered in corporate.  Our director sir and all the faculty members were friendly and approachable. I am thankful to every single person belong to HNIMR and I am proud to be associated with this honorable institution.”

Puja MoneBatch(2016-18)

Parents Testimonials

I am really happy and proud to have taken admission of my Daughter Shraddha for M. B.A. in HNIMR. All her Leadership qualities and Academic studies got a very proper channel and were nurtured in the College. In this competitive World proper Guidance and direction given by all the staff and especially Dr. Pol Sir (Director) is really commendable. I wish all the best to HNIMR for creating a very self confident and encouraging the students to face the challenges in all the fields of Life.

Mr. Bipin JajuFather of Shraddha Jaju (MBA I)

We express our sincere gratitude towards all the staff of HNIMR who have been a great support for us as parents. As parents we felt the environment was very safe and secure for our daughter. We also are grateful to the whole of HNIMR for the immense support offered by them to our daughter during her two years at HNIMR.
The management has a vision and in our eyes they are truly achieving it. We will always cherish our decision on admitting our daughter in HNIMR.

Mr. & Mrs WankhadeFather and Mother of Sayali Wankhede (Marketing Specialization)

When I got to know that my daughter has got Maharshi karve’s Management institute I was so happy, glad and proud.My daughter wouldn’t have got a better college than this.On the very first day when I entered into this college for parents meeting I felt so positive. From first day I am seeing my daughter busy and she is growing. It is a combined result of all events that are happening till date that has made my daughter more spontaneous.
In real sense HNIMR is bringing out my daughters hidden talents.
I am sure that it continues and I will always be thankful to the college.
Mrs.Ujjwala Chaoudhari
Mother of Nidhi Choudhari MBA Part 1

Mrs.Ujjwala Chaoudhari

HNIMR curriculum provides a holistic perspective of innovative thinking, a key to add business value in today’s fast changing & competitive environment.
College is excellent opportunity where her talent was brought out, appreciated & helped in modeling her into the one she is today. As a parent I would like to thank the institution with all my heart for leading her in the right direction, to tke on the challenges with grace & spirit.

Mrs. Suchitra Kulkarni
Mother of Aishwarya Kulkarni (MBA I)

Mrs. Suchitra Kulkarni

We have been privileged to have been able to send our child to this College. It has been significant for her, in her education journey. She wouldn’t be where she is now; without this contribution. As parents we have always appreciated the personal touch with the college through regular phone calls and interaction with teachers and events where we were always invited to be a part of.
College is an excellent opportunity where her talent was brought out, recognized, appreciated and helped in molding her into the one she is today. The systems in place ensure that each student can and does receive the education they deserve from a very professional workforce and corporate exposure.
The size of the College also makes it ‘more personal’, which enhances the learning process and assures the parents.” It was a wonderful journey which we walked through.
Mrs. Shirley Mathew
Mother Of Ms. Sharon Mathew (IT Specialization)

Mrs. Shirley Mathew

I am very grateful to this wonderful team of HNIMR for their valuable guidance they offered to my daughter. When I stepped in this college for the first time for my daughter’s admission, I was so overwhelmed seeing the response and concern they showed towards her education. This made me so relaxed and confident that within no time I decided that my daughter will make her post graduation and career ahead with the support of HNIMR. I always felt that she is in secure hands. Thank You HNIMR.

Mr. Udaykumar Padhye
Father of Nikita Padhye (IT Specilisation)

Mr. Udaykumar Padhye

HNIMR – I believe that the past couple of years at HNIMR has proved to be a very transformative stretch for Pooja as an individual.HNIMR has given her a perfect stage to go beyond the ordinary and push the boundaries that resolved an unlocked potential waiting to be realised.
In her , I am undoubtedly witnessing a rather self-sustained personality that has been successively nurtured by the relentless support of the faculty ,the placement cell and the progressive culture that HNIMR renders.
As a parent, I would like to thank the institution with all my heart for leading her in the right direction, supplying the necessary skills and etiquettes to take on the challenges with grace and spirit.

Mrs. Vandana Venkatraman

I was thrilled to know that my daughter has got admission in one of the best and leading MBA colleges in Pune. I have observed a noticeable change in my daughter’s attitude towards the society In general like for instance, dealing with friends, new people.  She has opened up thanks to the extracurricular activities that she has undergone. This is the place where she gets to meet a wide variety of people from all the strata’s of society.  She now has become bold and her shyness has disappeared.

Preethi PejawarMother of Kavya Pejawar

We express our sincere gratitude towards all the team of HNIMR. Who has been great support for us as Parents. I can see confidence building up in my daughter, she has been more focused for her career. HNIMR is bringing out my daughters hidden talents. I am now feeling that she is in secure hands. I thank the institute for the immerse support.

Mr. Suhas MulayFather of Ms. Julee Mulay (MBA II)

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