Innovative Lecture Series Session on Personality and Graphology

HNIMR is keen to create awareness among the students on several aspects that supplement and complement to their managerial skills. Therefore we arrange some sessions of the experts under “Innovative Lecture Series”. Such value addition sessions help them for self assessment and to maintain work and personal life balance.

Under the initiative of “Innovative Lecture Series”, we organized a lecture on “Personality and Graphology” on 17th Feb 2014 to all MBA students. Graphology is the technique of handwriting analysis that helps to explore personality traits and many more. This analysis is useful to find the lacuna within and improve accordingly. Mr. Ashish Shah, expert in the field delivered the session and grabbed the attention of students towards Self Development. Students were satisfied with the inputs and got encouraged to focus on Self Analysis for Self Development. The programme was conducted under the guidance of Director, Dr. Jagdish N. Pol and Prof. Suvarna V. Dhamdhere.


Innovative Lecture Series Session on Green Marketing

Department of Marketing, HNIMR has organised a session on “Green Marketing” on 5th Mar.2014 at the Institute’s Auditorium as a 1st session of the innovative lecture series. Mr. Mandar Thosar delivered the session and shared his views on the evolution of marketing, history of green marketing, 8 p’s of green marketing, levels and strategies to promote  green marketing etc. along with case of Ben & Jerry as well as views of Jacquelyn Ottman.

It is an initiative by the dept. to expose 2nd year students to the recent trends.

Innovative lecture series on Environment Education and Awareness

The Community Development Cell has organized the Innovative lecture series on “Environment Education and Awareness” by Mr. Vinod Bodhankar, Joint Co-ordinator at Sagar Mitra Abhiyaan (A Students’ Movement to Save the Oceans).He explained the students about Sagar Mitra’ project that hopes to clean up Pune rivers with help of children.

Bodhankar said that school students from Standard I to X were encouraged to collect dry plastic from their home and give it for recycling. “This way they are preventing the plastic from entering the rivers and ultimately the oceans.

He educated students on the importance of dissolved oxygen and showed them satellite images of oceans with plastic patches along with the photos of dead birds with plastic and cigarette lighters found inside them. He appealed the students to join this movement of safeguarding environment by not throwing plastic.