Dr. Ashok Pawar, Department In-charge


Dr. Kamalkar Munde
Prof. Nivedita Pantawane
Dr. Jagdish N. Pol – Director,
Dr. Ashok Pawar,
Prof. Jyoti Gaikwad

The Marketing Department of any organization is the real face of that business, because it decides and creates value for customers. HNIMR-Marketing Department is not an exception to this. It is the reciprocal, social and  entrepreneurial face of HNIMR. It not only gives interesting opportunities for students and faculty, but also opens access to real the marketing world through various curricular and extra curricular activities. Students receive regular classroom teaching through teaching tools like case studies, simulation exercises, interactive sessions, management games, live projects, field visits, shop floor sessions which help students become ready to explore corporate arena.

Marketing Department focuses on Innovative practices. Some of them are as follows –

1. Equinox Marketing Services(EMS) – a consultancy firm owned by students and supported by faculty members, is an Initiative taken by Marketing Department to give hands on experience of various functions of marketing to students.
EMS is passionate about innovative marketing solutions. It helps –
a. Shaping the client’s business in today’s global competitive market
b. Creating life-long relationship with relevant communities, prospect by prospect, customer by customer, conversation by conversation.
c. Create a community of loyal customers through on-line, off-line, one way marketing communication that marketers are familiar with.

2. Department provides Certification courses in the following areas to increase employability of the students:

  • Marketing and Law
  • Marketing of financial services
  • Digital media management
  • Digital marketing

Other activities of the Department to increase domain knowledge of the students:
a. A glossary of all important concepts of Marketing.

b. Trekks and field visits for the year 2014-2015 are as follows

– Alpha laval
– Saransh Advertising
– Season Mall
– Business standard
– APMC (for Auction)
– Sai television
– Kesari Travells