IIM B- Plan Competition

We were glad to be a part of International B- Plan Championship scheduled on 31st Jan 2020 in IIM Bangalore Campus. With the guidance of Dr. Mihika Kulkarni- Director Incharge and Dr. Sonali Parchure along with Dr. Jyoti Gaikwad and Mrs. Ranjana Gogate ,who accompanied us in the whole process and our team, Ms. Diksha Menghani, Ms. Mahima Gupta, Ms. Nikita Kuray, Ms. Ria Wagh, Ms. Aishwarya More were fortunate to present our Business Plan- VIATULet Someone walk in your shoes!!! VIATU meaning footwear in Swahili language was aimed on business idea which suggests that instead of discarding old footwear in landfill and imparting landfill issues; such old footwear can be refurbished and provided to the needy people. Based on our thought of creating a social enterprise thus generating awareness among people and employment for cobbler community through our idea, we were acknowledged and appreciated for our efforts through participation certificates and trophy.

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