Students Team of Placement Cell (2018-19)

1 Rucha Shende HR
2 Aditi Sakhare HR
3 Pranita Bhujbal Operations
4 Leena Bhoomkar IT
5 Uttara Shimpi Finance
6 Sayali Kanade Finance
7 Ankita Pawar Marketing & Digital Marketing

Agenda for Students Team of Placement Cell

  1. Setting rules & regulations of Placement Cell for students.
  2. Collecting Data from all students according to specialization.
  3. Creating data base for every specialization separately. (Information about contact no., email id’s, major & minor specialization)
  4. Briefing students about standard resume format.
  5. Collecting resumes from all students.
  6. Forwarding mails regarding SIP openings to students.
  7. Collecting resumes of interested students for particular company & forwarding it to TPO.
  8. Updating database regarding SIP status & also those who have confirmed with their SIP.