Report on National Conference 2020 on “Emerging Trends in Management Education.”

The National Conference on “Emerging Trends in Management Education” was organized on 5th and 6th March 2020 at HNIMR. It was inaugurated by chief guest Dr. Deepak Shikharpur and Director Incharge Dr. Mihika Kulkarni.

Dr. Mihika Kulkarni in her welcome address explained the importance of Desiign thinking, Business Analytics and Artificial intelligence. Dr. Deepak Shikharpur said that all transactions in future will done through IT. The purpose of this conference was to provide a platform for exchange of ideas among corporates, academicians, participants and students. The two days conference had various sessions.

On first day, Dr. Balaramadurai shared his views on Design Thinking. He explained the relevance beween thought of Gautam Buddha and design thinking. After that Mr. Ketan Gandhi briefed case study method and its importance in management education. In the post lunch session, Swami Bodhmayanand shared inspiring stories of Swami Vivekanand. He guided students on how maintain spirituality and culture. He also discussed role of Spirituality in Education. Mr. Shailendra Goswami briefed about entrepreneurship concept and shared successful stories of entrepreneurs. He also discussed future challenges for an entrepreneur.

On day two, Mr. Anand Kolharkar explained significance of Business Analytics and its practices in the industry. Mr. Rajeev Bhardwaj highlighted the impact of AI on Teaching Learning Process for management education. Prof. Bharat Damani stressed on how technology based educational Aids make students industry ready and employable. During last session, research scholars presented their papers on topics relevant to theme of National Conference.

This session was followed by valedictory session. For this session Dr. Parag Kalkar,Dean –Faculty of Commerce and Management and Hon. Prof. N. D. Patil MKSSS – Vice President, Chairman CDC- HNIMR were present as guest. The entire event was coordinated by Dr. Kamlakar Munde, Dr. Ashok Pawar, Dr. Prashant Mamarde and Mr. Ganesh Lotke under the guidance of Dr. Mihika Kulkarni.

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