Sr. No. Academic Year Title of the Research Paper Name of the Author
1 2017-18 Importance of Socialisation in order to ensure new employee retention in hospitality industry Archana Tatkar
2 2017-18 The effect of Emotional Labour on Organizational Commitment among Call Centre Customer Service Representatives Pranita Sonar
3 2017-18 Dial E for Emotional Labour? Experiencing emotional labour by Call Centre Employees Pranita Sonar
4 2016-17 E-Learning: An Enabler for Better Performance of Management Institutes Suvarna Dhamdhere
5 2016-17 Hedonism and Materialism: A Base of Consumer Behaviour in the Modern Life Dr. Kamalakar N. Munde
6 2016-17 Role of Venture Capital in Internet Economy Prashant Mamarde
7 2016-17 A Literature Review on E-Learning as an Enabler for Effective Grooming of Management Students of Digital Age Suvarna Dhamdhere
8 2016-17 E-Learning – A business opportunity for First Generation Entrepreneur Suvarna Dhamdhere
9 2016-17 E governance in Maharashtra healthcare sector published Dr.Jyoti Gaikwad
10 2015-16 Role of Business Intelligence for Organizational Sustainability Dr. Sonali Parchure
11 2015-16 Big Data Analytics in Library Management : Prospects and Challenges Manjushree Nawale
12 2015-16 Advertising: A Strategic Tool for Product Promotion Dr. Kamalakar N. Munde
13 2015-16 Retention of Staff in Hospitality Industry Archana Tatkar
14 2015-16 World Class Supply Chain Management Ganesh Lotke
15 2015-16 “Tribulation of Silk route” Ranjana Gogate
16 2015-16 Role of Information Technology in Supply Chain Management Ganesh Lotke
17 2015-16 “Make in Indian”: Role of Indian Railways Prashant Mamarde
18 2015-16 An Efficient Supply Chain Management In Automobile industry- A contributor for Make In India Ganesh Lotke
19 2015-16 The Role of Big data Analytics in Managing Centralized Datacenter Dr.Jyoti Gaikwad
20 2015-16 Strengthening ties: Make in India with Japan Dr.Jyoti Gaikwad
21 2014-15 Addressing Emotional Labour : A Need of the Hour Pranita Sonar
22 2014-15 Managing Innovation in Turbulent Times” Dr. Mihika Kulkarni
23 2014-15 A study of job satisfaction level of the employees in life insurance sector in Pune city Dr. Arpita Singh
24 2014-15 Customer Relationship Management: B-sutra for Enhancing Business Performance Dr. Kamalakar N. Munde
25 2014-15 Impact of an Organisational Culture on Employee’s Attitude towards Their Job. Archana Tatkar
26 2014-15 Role of Logistics Management in managing Supply Chain effectively for Automobile companies Ganesh Lotke
27 2014-15 Indian Banking and challenges of the Global Industry Dynamics Geeta jadhav
28 2014-15 Balancing the marketing executive: work life balance at its best Archana Tatkar
29 2013-14 An Empirical Study of the OCTAPACE Culture among the Insurance Companies in Nagpur city. Dr. Arpita Singh
30 2013-14 Role of IT in banking sector &effective e banking in 21st century Geeta Jadhav
31 2013-14 Linking Marketing Strategies Adopted By the Dairy Industry in India and Business Performance (Marketing Effectiveness and Profitability) – A Special Reference to Pune Regio Dr. Ashok Pawar
32 2013-14 What lies beneath? : Peeping into the management educators perception on organization climate. Pranita Sonar
33 2013-14 An exploratory factor analysis of management educators on job satisfaction Pranita Sonar
34 2013-14 Case Study –  Title: From Scratch to Success Dr. Kamalakar N. Munde
35 2013-14 Team Leadership-A Case Study Dr.Mihika Kulkarni
36 2013-14 Efficient Supply Chain: A Tool for Business Excellence Dr. Ashok Pawar
37 2013-14 Linking Marketing Strategies Adopted By the Dairy Industry in India and Business Performance (Marketing Effectiveness and Profitability) – A Special Reference to Pune Regio Dr. Ashok Pawar
38 2013-14 Ms. Padmaja Lakhe-An Entrepreneur of Bhila Dr. Ashok Pawar
39 2013-14 Organic Growth of SoftHard Automation-A Success Story of Milind Jagtap Dr. Ashok Pawar
40 2013-14 Job satisfaction: A tool for retaining human resource Manasi Javadekar
41 2013-14 Job satisfaction: A tool for retaining human resource Geeta jadhav
42 2013-14 Rural entrepreneurship in India -The changing Paradigm Geeta Jadhav
43 2013-14 FDI and Sustainable Development through Strategic Human Resource Management Prashant Mamarde
44 2013-14 Students’ Development through Performance Driven Culture: A Case Study with Reference to HNIMR Prashant Mamarde
45 2013-14 HR Audit: An early warning system. Archana Tatkar
46 2013-14 “Proposed Virtual Enterprise for effective Inclusive growth Ranjana Gogate
47 2013-14 German Technology, Made in India Ganesh Lotke
48 2013-14 Incentive through Conditional Cash Transfer Schemes in India with special reference to Janani Suraksha Yojana Dr. Jyoti Gaikwad
49 2013-14 On understanding the imperatives of social cause marketing-A case approach to TATA Tea Dr. Jyoti Gaikwad
50 2013-14 A review of global and indian perspective through enterpreneurship Dr. Jyoti Gaikwad
51 2013-14 Role of Research Design in Research Manjushree Nawale
52 2013-14 The Entrepreneurial Librarianship :Creating Opportunities for Effective Information Services Management in Academic Libraries Manjushree Nawale
53 2013-14 Supply Chain : A Resource Tool For Improving Customer Services In The FMCG Sector Dr. Kamalakar Munde