“The Corporate Grooming Programme”

Grooming plays a very crucial role in today’s corporate world and it is very imperative to recognize the importance of the first impression and how visual appearance and etiquette impacts the professional effectiveness at workplace. For students to stand out as promising assets to multinational organizations, they need to invest in the sharpening of what are labeled as soft skills. These abilities which are linked to personality traits are a host of interpersonal capabilities that will help the present day students to transform into outstanding corporate resources.

Considering the importance of Corporate Grooming, MKSSS’s HNIMR had organized a week long programme title “The Corporate Grooming Programme” for MBA Jr. students from 27th February to 3rd March, 2020.

Dr. Mihika Kulkarni, Director I/c- HNIMR, Mr. Vijay Jagtap, Founder Cludobits, Mr. Soham Dadarkar, Soft Skill Trainer and Ms. Dolly Pandey, TPO- HNIMR had inaugurated the function. Dr. Mihika Kulkarni Director I/c, HNIMR  stressed the importance of such training programs and also assured that many more quality programs will be introduced in the days to come for preparing students to face the corporate world.

Various sessions like The Interview Preparation Workshop, Introduction to Fundamental of SIP, Comprehending Projects, JDs and Work Profile, Resume Building, Workplace ethics -do’s & don’ts, Leadership in Pressure Cooker Situation, Strategy in Today’s Era and Manifesting Happiness were arranged during the Programme.

Trainers who have vast experience of corporate environment imparted the training to the students. The trainers were  Mr. Soham Dadarkar, Ms. Saudamini Bhavsar, Ms. Swati Atkari, Mr. Kush Agarwal, Mr. Bharat Oswal and Ms. Radha Singh.

During the programme an improvement in the overall personality of the students can be observed. By the end of the program, most of the students presented themselves more confidently and were able to express/ share their views openly.

The entire programme was organized and coordinated under the guidance of Director I/C Dr. Mihika Kulkani by Ms. Dolly Pandey, Dr. Arpita Singh & Dr. Pranita Sonar with the help of MBA Jr. & Sr. Student volunteers.

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