“The Finishing School Programme”

A finishing school is the final refinement to student education to make them an all-rounder with good personality, grooming, excellent personal etiquette and dress sense. A well-groomed person with a pleasant personality stands out in a crowd and has a higher chance of ready acceptance in any setting – be it the job market, family environment or peer group.

MKSSS’s HNIMR had organized “The Finishing School Programme” for MBA Sr Students from 27th February to 3rd March, 2020. The programme was inaugurated by Dr. Mihika Kulkarni, Director I/c- HNIMR, Mr. Vijay Jagtap, Founder Cludobits, Ms. Pallavi Kaushik, Soft Skill Trainer and Ms. Dolly Pandey, TPO- HNIMR. While addressing the students Dr. Mihika Kulkarni stressed the importance of such training programs for preparing students to face the corporate world.

The programme consist of the sessions like Corporate Styling, Power of Branding, Geopolitics in Today’s era w.r.t. Employment opportunities, Voice and Accent Neutralization Training, Situation Analysis, Team Building, Interpersonal Skills and Group Discussion.

Renowned Soft skill and corporate trainers like Ms. Pallavi Kaushik, Ms. Punam Relwani, Mr. Anit Dutta, Mr. Uday Deshpande, Mr. Rohit Ghosh, Ms. Ketaki Mistri and Mr. Gaurav Ambedkar were invited to conduct the sessions. Mock Interviews were conducted by the corporates like Mr. Shailendra Marathe, Mr. Rohit Ghosh, Ms. Rajashri Gole, Mr. Patwardhan, Mr. Jeetendra Nene and Mr. Vijay Jagtap. All these eminent speakers gave thorough insights in to grooming the overall personality which is a critical aspect in making students ready for the professional world. These impactful sessions were very well received by students.

The entire programme was organized and coordinated under the guidance of Director I/c Dr. Mihika Kulkani by Ms. Dolly Pandey, Dr. Arpita Singh & Dr. Pranita Sonar with the help of MBA Jr. & Sr. Student volunteers.

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